Monday, June 9, 2014

Entry 8

Recently I watched a short documentary about the droughts in Texas and California over the past few years. Both are big states that contribute a lot of money to our economy. Much of our food is grown in California and Texas has many large farms as well. The lack of water has caused some big problems. Some towns are becoming ghost towns, and even big cities, like the city of Austin has a major water shortage problem. Scientists say that the droughts are a cause of global warming and the resulting change in weather patterns. Water is very important, not only for growing food, but it is used in much of our energy production as well. For example, the process of getting trapped natural gas out of rocks, known as fracking, requires lots and lots of fresh water. Its a sad irony that the same causes of the drought (global warming from carbon heavy energy) also require using a lot of our shrinking supply of freshwater. Many of the current conflicts around the world are over water. If things continue the way they are, we will have many more conflicts over water. Water is life, and we must treat it with respect, keep it clean, and take conservation seriously.

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