Monday, June 2, 2014

Entry 5

I was out my routine over the past 5 days. I thought that being out of my routine would cause me to go back to my old ways of not drinking water! But even though I was white-water rafting, at a theme park, and doing lots of things to stay busy, I was able to stay hydrated. In the past I might have had a soda or not had much water on this kind trip. I made a real effort to drink water and I felt better for because of that. I did drink most of the water I had from plastic water bottles. I know that bottled water in plastic bottles is not very good for the environment because the plastic is made from oil products. Oil products have a lot of carbon emission which is causing global warming. There is also the problem of increased garbage from disposable water bottles. I will try to improve this part of my habit, even when traveling. Here is a link that explains more: 

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